Saturday, May 08, 2010

House for House Run Update

Hi Everyone-
Training has been going well. It is definitely not easy, but overall it is going well. I have been doing my best to keep a good attitude on the longer, more difficult runs. Today I ran 7 miles. I felt great through mile 5 but the last 2 miles were really tough. I was thankful to have my Mom running with me, if I have her with me it makes it a lot better.

As you can see on the chip in meter, the gifts for Haitian houses keep coming in. Thank you so much for caring about the Haitian people and supporting me during my training. Maxima S.A. says they will double the amount of houses we can buy -- no matter how many! Right now we are very close to buying 12 houses - which really means 24 houses!

My Dad's friend Robbie Seay says if we make it to 50K (20 houses plus the 20 match) that he will send my parents sky-diving - no matter how scared they are. I am not sure how they feel about it but Robbie says they will do it.

Thanks for your help! Keep spreading the word and I will keep running. ;)
Paige (: