Friday, May 07, 2010

Kid Things (no Haiti here)

There are funny things about bringing kids to America that have lived a lot of their lives in Haiti.

Troy was asking Noah would he like to be rewarded for his awesome first days of "school" (it is technically tutoring) with ice cream at the store to bring home and share with all of us, OR, would he like to go to Dairy Queen?

There was a thoughtful look on Noah's face and he said:

"WHAT (long pause) is Dairy Queen?" And so, this six year old learned all about a great American summer tradition - and will no longer be satisfied with a simple half-gallon of vanilla.

Prior to coming here he called ice cream "that weird cold stuff" because we had it so infrequently that he could never recall that terribly nonsensical and difficult name - ice cream.

They all marvel at regular things like: TV programming, escalators, water fountains, smooth roads, an abundance of public restrooms, giant grocery stores, parks, water parks, amusement parks, zoos, recreation, wide open spaces, and


Think American television has no affect on your children?

Clearly not true.

Thanks Dancing with the Stars. :)