Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Medika Mamba Miracles - Mesi!

(Phoebe (2 at the time) with a 13 lb. 3.5 year old boy)

Last summer and fall many of you donated to the Medika Mamba fund-raising project. I promised to keep you up to date on how your dollars made it to the hungriest little ones in Haiti.

Up until January 12th I did a decent job of that. Since then, I admit that I have not done as well with reporting back to you as I hoped. I won't make excuses, I'll just say I am sorry and ask that you take a look at some of the amazing success stories here at the RHFH blog.

To see more kids treated and recovered, visit this March 2010 post.

Medika Mamba is a product produced in Haiti. It is a vitamin fortified high-calorie ready to eat Peanut Butter product. We love that we can buy a locally made product and use it to help severely malnourished kids. We have an amazingly solid partner in RHFH and their in-patient Medika Mamba program produces astounding results. They have treated many, many children with the product. One 60 to 90 day treatment is approximately $100. RHFH has reported that they've never worked with a product that turned kids around so quickly.

(Same child as above - 3.5 months later @ 25lbs.)

  • Mesi to all who have funded this product and all who will do so today.
  • Mesi to Meds and Food for Kids for producing a great product IN HAITI.
  • Mesi to RHFH for their hard hands-on work with these kids.
  • Mesi Anpil to God for sustaining and healing these precious little ones .