Wednesday, May 05, 2010

CNN "Rescued" May 8th @ 8pm Eastern

This is a special CNN documentary that Soledad O'Brien produced about orphans in Haiti post earthquake.

The Haitian kids featured are kids that friends of ours, Bill and Susette Manassero, work with in Port au Prince. The Manasseros are sheltering children in crisis and are helping to give these children a new lease on life. They work to restore children and walk with them as they heal. They do this in order to focus on helping the kids into adulthood and to foster a desire in them to love and give back to their country.

We hope you'll get a chance to check it out Saturday night at 8pm Eastern.

Part of the reason for my previous post is to help frame the numbers. We want to point out that raising orphaned children in Haiti (or anywhere) is totally admirable and when done well it is an absolutely beautiful thing. We wish there were 1000 more safe and loving places like the one the Bill and Sue are operating. We support a well run program helping kids stay in their own culture.

Having said that, the handful of organizations that help a small number of orphaned children find families to love, nurture, and raise them abroad through the miracle of adoption are doing equally important work.

The orphan problem is so large that more than one solution is necessary and can be aptly applied.

We pray the local church and the church of the world will respond to the growing orphan crisis in Haiti in multiple compassionate, creative, respectful and holistic ways.

If you get a chance to watch the documentary, we'd enjoy hearing your feedback.