Thursday, November 04, 2010

Annie Update

For those that have been along for the ride since before the earthquake, we wanted to let you know that Annie is doing great in Minnesota. (See photo evidence.)

We feel so lucky to have her in our lives still. For those that don't know, Annie is Isaac's little sister that lived with us for two years (while the adoption was in process) in Haiti. She was adopted by Tara's little sister and one of Troy's best friends who happens to be married to Tara's little sister.

Confused? Yes. Us too.

It means that Isaac's sister by birth is his cousin by adoption. It means that a friend Troy grew up with is the adoptive Dad of a child related to our adopted son. Weird and Awesome.

We all miss her but truthfully I think Isaac misses her the most. He has a deep love and connection to Annie. Tonight when we were talking about her he said, "I think I know why our first Mom let Annie go." I said, "Why buddy?" "I think she wanted me not to feel alone without my ancestors in my new family."

First of all, I had no idea he knew the word ancestors. Show off!  Second, we know from talking with her at length what her reasons were ... that wasn't one she chose to list verbally  - but it is certainly a comforting thing for Isaac and we're glad it helps him feel loved and connected.

Annie will celebrate her third birthday this month. We're so glad her new brothers and Mommy and Daddy won't miss any more birthdays ever again.  

Happy Birthday month sweet Annie girl!