Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Suh-weeet Sixteen

Happy 16th Birthday to our beautiful, amazing Paige!

You always bless us with your upbeat attitude and love for people around you. Sometimes we wonder how you roll with changes so well and when we want to throw a tantrum over uncertainty we have to stop and look at our kid; setting the bar high by always taking it one day at a time and living in each moment so beautifully. Thanks for teaching us
We are proud of you and love you so very much.

In quick review, the crazy events of your year:

January 9-11 trip to Orlando
January 12 massive earthquake hours after you got back
January 15 a dramatic C-130 escort out of Haiti to New Jersey
January 28 return to Haiti to get your stuff and properly say goodbye
February 3 leave Haiti again - this time on a 12 seat airplane
Feb thru June - training/running, tutoring, drivers training, counseling, and more
June 6 - ran your first (and last?) Half Marathon to raise money for the people and place you love
July- church camp and much mischief making - trip to Tampa
August- Trip to Okoboji and Minnesota and your baptism
August 13 - start 10th grade in Tejas
Sept thru Nov- school, youth group, friends, family, driving... and getting ready for another transition. 
November 30 - Turn 16 
Every.single.day - all year - inspired us with your faith and strength  

Wishing you a very very happy birthday today honey, and praying for you and the year to come.