Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Happy Birthday Phoebe Joy


We all remember the day we learned Phoebe would be joining our family. In some ways it seems like it was yesterday.  On that night we sat together praying that God would protect all of our hearts if anything happened that might prevent her from being legally adopted. There was much uncertainty surrounding the adoption process; the obstacles were plentiful. We missed the first ten weeks of her life, but she joined us in January 07' and has been with us ever since.


Not only does she turn four today, but she will also officially become Phoebe Livesay (finally a real person on paper) in mid November when we appear before a judge in a Texas court.  It is the very last step in a long process to make Phoebe legally ours. We're very grateful for this answered prayer and so excited to see that judge and get our final stamp of approval!

We are grateful that Phoebe is our daughter and we are eternally thankful for her first Momma who endured a long and difficult pregnancy in Cite Soleil in order to give this beautiful little girl life.

HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY Phoebe, you are loved!