Monday, November 22, 2010

Mil Mesi ~ Many Thanks

Troy and I wish we could thank each of you that took time to write a note of encouragement in a much more personal way than this. Please accept our apology for this broad and impersonal thank-you. We want you to know now that your thoughts, encouragement, and sharing of experiences have touched us.

We are incredibly grateful for your prayers. 

We are so sorry for the pain Paul was suffering. It hurts to face the depth of Paul's affliction. Thankfully we had lunch with him two weeks ago today and had a chance to speak to one another very honestly and to tell him we (and many others) cared for and loved him and longed to see him well.  Laura and Bob and Karen had all shared those thoughts with him too.

Grief is so tricky and unpredictable. Prayers can only help, thank-you so much for that and for the notes of love and support for our entire family.

We came to MN for Heartline board meetings and then the path took this unexpected turn.  The meetings we were able to attend were encouraging - we're excited to get home. 

We extended our stay in MN by 24 hours and because of that we will also be able to attend the celebration of the life of Alyn Shannon on Tuesday morning. Alyn is a friend we made in Haiti.  If you have ever heard Troy tell the 'water truck story' Alyn is the wife of Jeff Gacek - the 'water truck angel' from the days after the earthquake.  Jeff is grieving this Thanksgiving too.

After the two funerals we'll head south to rejoin our tribe.  We're excited to hug them all and have our first-ever (all ten of us) going away trip planned for the long weekend.  {Beware hotels, things are about to get circus-ish.} We'll go to San Antonio first and end in Sugar Land, TX for church services at The Bridge Fellowship next Sunday. (Times and link to church on left.)

With grateful hearts,
T & T