Thursday, November 18, 2010

the hour is drawing near

In a few short hours a small group of on-lookers will be gathering to witness an event of epic proportions.

The build up to this day rivals that of the anticipation of the coming of Y2K.  The tilt of the earth may shift slightly, satellites may need realignment, clocks may mysteriously re-set to midnight.

This is a warning:  be prepared for anything and everything. What lies beneath that hair has never been seen with the bare human eye before. 

The fact is, no one else garners quite so much interest as this long haired hippie from Boston turned peculiar and ineffable missionary to Haiti.

He is loved. He is feared. He is cared for and revered. He has been merciless to visitors, as many can attest.  If you have been party to this glorious pay-back, you certainly are blessed.

It all began HERE approximately 100 days ago when he foolishly snorted and flippantly said, "Raise 50K for the Hospital and I'll let you cut it off."  He then proceeded to taunt, mock, and disrespect for many weeks.  He does not know the heart or the soul of the people of the blogosphere.  Clearly he has underestimated you.  The people have spoken and the hay-uh must go.

As difficult as it was, John has accepted his fate as proven by his recent post. 

We have no idea what we might find in those matted tresses. Perhaps our missing keys, ipods and small children. We do know this much - a formidable task lies before us this day. May God grant us the strength to rise to the endeavor.

And so, it is with much pomp and circumstance that the hair will be removed on Thursday, November 18, Two-thousand and ten at approximately nineteen hundred hours.  

Lest you not be caught off guard, please take this warning with the seriousness in which it is delivered.

Fare thee well hair.

respectfully submitted,

tara & troy