Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We love YOU Paige !

On this day 17 years ago a precious gift was placed in my arms.

On a crisp Minnesota day, surrounded by my parents and sister, Paige Noelle entered the world shortly after 11am.  I am deeply grateful that an unplanned pregnancy that started out as difficult and even shame-filled at times, turned into one of the very greatest blessings of my entire life.

Isn't that just like God?

Faithful. Redeeming.  Healing.

Thank you Lord for Paige's life.

Without a doubt our days are filled with more laughter and greater joy because of Paige.  She has been an example to us of what it is to love and serve the hurt and broken with humility and grace. Additionally, she is unbelievably patient with her younger siblings and for that we are very thankful. We don't know how she does it, we only know she manages to make it look easy. We think we have ourselves a gem.

To our favorite seventeen-year-old:
There aren't enough words to tell you how proud we are Paige - you bless us with your beauty and kindness  Truly.Truly.Bless.Us.  We enjoy your company. We love your sense of humor. You are such a special young woman. It makes us lie on the floor and cry ginormous rivers of tears to think of the day we send you out of here ... so let's not do that today.   We pray today (and always) that your future is filled with more and more opportunities to use your gifts and that the year ahead is overflowing with an abundance of love, peace, and joy.

Love and Prayers,

Mom and Dad

More photos from Paige and Heather's birthday party Saturday night:

Just Dance in the driveway  ... For all ages!

Encore presentation of Troy's lament ...