Saturday, November 05, 2011

saturday labor

Edit to add at 4pm:
At 2pm - Baby boy named Raphael arrived ...  too crazy to explain in detail now  -- but we watched God show up in a tangible and visible way and HE provided protection to little Raphael, who had his cord wrapped around his neck tightly two times.   

Thank-you Lord for your guidance during a confusing 12 hours of labor - thank you for the discernment you gifted Cookie and Beth with .... so much of the stalled out labor and inefficient pushing made little sense ... until it did.  

God saved a baby in Tabarre, Haiti today.  We are an emotional and grateful bunch.

Raphael means - HEALING GOD - if you have not read Mama E's story, you can click on the link below.
Original early morning post:
THIS fabulous woman called at 2:15am to say she
was in labor.

We're at the maternity center and getting closer to go time.

Please be praying for her.