Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giving Thanks ~ Haiti Style

I'm a few days late checking in to report on the happenings of the fourth Thursday of November, Two-thousand and eleven.

The table above is the spread that was laid before many short and long term Haiti visitors and residents on Thursday afternoon.  Beth McHoul prepared not one, not two, not three, but FOUR turkeys.  Who does that?!?!

I've never made one.single.turkey. in my entire thirty-nine year life.  To have reached this advanced age and be able to say this .... I'm sure this means something not good about me.  However true that may be, I have no problem being a total failure in this area.  Embrace the suck as they say.

Our Thanksgiving was a lot of fun.  There was no shortage of food, friends, or funny kids.

The kids and teachers (thank you J & B!) all worked on a little presentation for Thursday.  Paige has student council duties and over-saw the production and practice and memorization of the material.  The kids had in mind that they would present this for about 25 Heartline people that they know fairly well.  In the end there were close to 70 people and we wondered if the kids would want to bail on the plan.  The numbers in the room didn't seem to intimidate them; they went for it with gusto.  (Posted the second half of "You might be celebrating Thanksgiving in Haiti if ..." above.  To see full version see Hendrick Blog.")

Our "Black Friday" was spent at Womens Program and then painting, cleaning house, and decorating a cute little Christmas tree. We are getting ready for a birthday party for Paige and Heather and worked as a family to paint over three years of finger-prints. Hope can be trusted with a paint-brush.  Paige on the other hand, has some room for improvement.  We stood in exactly zero lines, attended zero sales, and got pushed zero times while fighting for zero good deals.  Thank.Goodness.  As our Tejas friend Thad so aptly stated:
"My favorite thing about Black Friday is how 
it's just like every other Friday
 if you choose not to be a crazy person."