Monday, November 28, 2011

Baby News

Dani delivered a healthy baby boy that she named Dudley last week.  She labored well. The birth went very well.  After she gave birth her blood pressure sky rocketed.  Thankfully everything is back to normal now. She is pictured here with her mother.  Heather says this grandma is totally on-board when it comes to breastfeeding.  Dani and Dudley are doing well. We'll see them again tomorrow.

Next due - Leslie ....  due end of November.

Our favorite almost ten year old girl, Hope, had a day off of school for Thanksgiving break and begged me to come to prenatals.  She loves being in the thick of the action and willingly ran around acting as our gopher and jumping in with lots of questions.  She asked me last night, "How many days until Christmas break?" She wasn't asking because she wants out of school. She wants to come help again and is figuring out the next chance she'll have.

You may remember a few weeks ago we asked you to pray for Fifi.  Her sugar test came back 4X higher than normal levels. Something miraculous happened with her.  She now has zero sugar issues and her fundal height has reduced by more than 5cm putting her back into totally normal ranges.  We're thankful for these answered prayers for Fifi. As of this moment it appears she will be able to deliver with us at Heartline.

Last night Fana (pictured right) delivered her new baby boy at home.  She did not call to tell Beth she was in labor.   Today she came in with her son.  They will be staying in the post-natal area for a few days as she recovers.  We're not sure yet if she wanted to deliver at home alone or if she just couldn't find a phone and a vehicle to get to us.  Please pray for no infections and protection from germs for Fana and her new son.

To see an updated list of the ladies in the program and have an opportunity to pray for them by name, you can go to this post.