Friday, November 11, 2011

3 ladies ~ 3 prayers

Leslie is expecting her third baby. She is 29 years old and currently mom to a four year old. Her second child died three days after birth a little less than a year ago.  Leslie is due to deliver this baby  around November 29th.   She has had a very healthy pregnancy and is faithful to the program. Please be praying for Leslie and baby. 
Danie is due on December 3rd with her first baby.  She is 18 years old. Earlier in her pregnancy Danie asked about moving into Harbor House but another more dire situation meant that she was told she couldn't be accepted. She has a large extended family that can help her.  Young first-time moms always need our prayers.
Today Fifi learned that she has Diabetes.  She is expecting her second baby and is 35 years old. Normally she is a flat and unemotional person. We have been worried about her for a few weeks.  Today her sugar level was more than four times normal levels.  When she was told that we couldn't deliver her and that we would help her find a hospital that can treat her diabetes and resulting complications, she cried.  There is something very sad about stoic unemotional people deciding to cry.  A bunch of us cried with her and assured her that we weren't letting her go (nou pa lage ou Fifi!) but that we want her to have every chance at good health.  Will you pray about this especially?  Getting into hospitals and specialized care programs here is an exercise in absolute madness.  There are security guards to get by (that arbitrarily decide to say no based on nonsense such as what you are wearing) and there are multiple levels of redonkulous bureaucracy. Sometimes they say "No, you came too early."  Other times they say, "No, you came too late."  They really mean, "You came when I felt like not helping you." Other times they claim not to treat the specific issue you have.  For instance, on Monday a hospital considered one of the best for high-risk pregnancies claimed they don't treat Malaria in pregnancy.  On a tropical island - Where Malaria is a huge problem - And is very dangerous for pregnant women.  They don't treat it.  Riiiiiiiiiiight.

Most of the time you end up wanting to bang your head on a cement wall repeatedly and scream "there is no justice in this world" at the top of your ever-livin lungs  ....  which really does nothing to rectify anything.  I don't recommend this particular method as a path to promoting justice in this world.

All that to say - please pray.