Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Linking & Listening

I'm home with three little people today instead of at Tuesday Women's Program. 

Noah had a rough night last night causing us to call for a sick day and keep him home. He's not quite sick enough at this very moment to warrant his being here. But as soon as he senses I am suggesting he read or do a little homework he suddenly feels quite near death. Funny how that works.

We think he's currently sporting the same hair as Luke in the television show Modern Family. Since Troy is often compared to Phil Dunphy, this just seems right. (We love Phil!)
  • Keight one of my favorite hilarious people that I know via email pen-pal friendship (so far - because next year we are running at least 13 miles together on some occasion - mark my words) on family planning and God's grace for moms - Family Planning.
Every year like clockwork late November rolls around and I can feel myself being pulled away from my regular compulsive desire to see what the world is up to via the internet.  I like how predictable this has become.  A tradition as it were.

In general I like December to be a month of less speaking and more listening; the kind of listening that will still my soul.