Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Subjects

  • Beth recently wrote a post about the fragility of life here and the difficulties so many women face. You can read it here. 
  • Saturday was a day to catch up and just be at home as a family (most of the day) - We called for a family meeting.  Paige rolls her eyes a bit as Isaac prepares two thousand questions.  Family meetings are not frequent; we shoot for quality over quantity. There were multiple topics covered around the kitchen table yesterday as we weaved through concerns and lighthearted topics together. The discussion included:  security at our house, plans of action for a few different emergency scenarios, lecture on not being lards and helping out around the house,  a discussion about how their future spouses will not appreciate them if they don't know how to help with housework, assignment of chores, the difference between want and need, a discussion about materialism and the pitfalls of a commercialized Christmas, a discussion on "What is The Church",  and assignment of roles for the annual Christmas production.  At the end of the meeting we went swimming. I was staring at Hope and missed it when Lydia slipped off the ladder while we were all right there. She was struggling for maybe five or more seconds before Paige saw her and pulled her up to the air.  The rest of the night Lydia walked around lamenting that "I almos drownded an no one see'd me cept Paige."  Hidden message: We all suck and Paige rocks.  Paige is glorying in her hero status. (Thank you Paige. You do rock.)
  • This morning at PAP Fellowship the Harbor House mamas will dedicate their babies.  They started asking if we would do this about three months ago.  Today is the day! After church there is a reception at their house where an estimated 75 people (expats that support them and their families if they have one) will gather for lunch.  Troy is leading worship on this special day and we're excited to love on the girls and their children and send them a message that says "You are welcome to worship and serve  - you are loved -  your single mom status doesn't exclude you."  We'll post photos of this special day soon.