Saturday, August 18, 2012

love a weekend

Paige & new baby David (Loveandstar's son)

  • last night we had small drama with dogs freaking out at someone pounding the gate a few times. i overreacted and brought everyone to our room at midnight while troy checked out the sitch. our room was 93 degrees at that time. noah's comment this morning, "it seemed like you purposefully wanted us to be even hotter last night." they only vaguely recall being carried to our room and then back to their own rooms. the mastiffs earned hot-dog treats for their good work. 
  • paige is riding horses this morning
  • hope is getting her hair braided 
  • isaac is requesting cupcakes  
  • who doesn't love to bake in august in a sweltering kitchen? 
  • me
  • lydie and phoebe went with troy and paige to horses  - not troy's idea 
  • wishing and scheming for a quasi-date with troy-boy before Monday
  • last bag of school books being carried in by an adoptive parent tomorrow - thanks to all that responded to those requests
  • I need to run (as in one foot than the other, moving the butt forward) - 
  • happy weekend to you - hope it's great