Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the great outdoors

Fresh air, babbling brooks, wide open space, luscious greenery, thick forest, winding trails, placid lakes, breathtaking views.These are the hallmarks of an amazing outdoor camping adventure. When I think camping, I think of the smell of the earth, fishing, cool dewy morning air ...

A couple weeks ago Troy told the kids they could "camp" in a tent.
The crowd went wild.
That was the most amazing thing those three fools had ever heard!

When we got home Troy realized that he had given the tent away sometime after the earthquake.  Doh!  We had some disappointed little faces staring at us that night.

Ever the resourceful one, Troy quickly ordered a tent and sent it to our friend that came in for a short visit this week.

Tuesday night Troy set the tent up inside the little porch house on our driveway, inside the four walls of our yard, inside the four walls that surround our neighborhood.  Cement, enclosed by cement, enclosed by more cement.

It is camping - Russian Nesting doll (babushka) style.
{And they LOVE it.}

into the great wide open

under the skies so blue (?)

Everything went fairly well with the great camping caper of 2012. Only one injury reported when the two Mastiffs were wrestling and fell onto the tent, crushing Hope's head for a moment. Wednesday night Hope wised up and went back to her bed and room with a fan at her feet.  The boys aren't quite as quick and once again they are roughing it in the great cement wilderness.

In other news ...

Jimmy and Becky and Abigail returned from summer break in Texas. The kids made a mad dash to greet them and hug them and tell them how stinkin excited we are that they came back to teach and lead this tribe to greater educational heights again this year. 10 days till school starts.