Monday, August 06, 2012

whirlwind travel ...

Prior to this quick trip to the USA, our friend Andy said this to Dr. Jen:  "Thanks for helping me figure this out. I'm excited to help Troy be stylish for at least one night."

Apparently our years in Haiti have left our friends thinking Troy needs wardrobe assistance.  He was 20 pounds heavier and hadn't yet had multiple interactions with Malaria the last time he wore his only suit, so they're probably onto something.

When we got to Minneapolis for Joanna and John's wedding his outfit was waiting for him. This is the moment Andy saw the fruit of his planning and work ... A sweet moment of bromance victory. This mutual admiration and pride went on for a good ten minutes, some of us had to walk away.

Haiti friends, Sarah O, Joanna, Jen, Sarah D

So far on this trip we've said hello and goodbye very quickly to a lot of friends and both sets of our parents. From one quick meet-up to the next we've been grabbing hugs, listening to rapid updates, and snapping photos. This method of seeing people we love is less than ideal but better than nothing. Our tear ducts are unblocked and washed totally clean.

We quickly ran into a store to get one 50 pound bag of cheese and meat to freeze to bring home. Before we left Haiti we were discussing luggage allowance and packing (a favorite topic of expats) and Beth proudly proclaimed, "I have never come meatless - ever! 22 years!"

I have my example. I won't let her down.

Today is day 5 in the land of electricity, warm water and smooth roads. The predictability is so lovely. We're heading home to the variables and the tribe in a matter of hours. We have a few more brief interactions and tears planned with friends first.