Friday, August 10, 2012

the curious case of lydia beth

Lydie with Marley, the oldest Mastiff at Heartline
I suppose if you are the seventh child in a family of many unique children it is necessary to find your own way to be noticed, appreciated, and recognized.  Lydia has long commanded our attention and refused to stand in the shadows of her older siblings. Phoebe, only 11 months older that Lydie, most certainly tolerates more than her fair share of annoyance.

Sometime in the last year Lydia began a pattern of being totally contrary to anything we say, no matter how benign.  It's become a game now.  The other day as we rode in the car she disagreed with me and I dryly said, "Well Lydia, I guess I forgot you know everything."  She said, "I don't know everything, mom!"  We continued to chat. I waited a few minutes and said, "Well, you don't know everything."  Her reply, "Yes I do!" And so it goes. Like that. All the time.

If everyone loves the dinner, she pulls her nose up. If everyone wants cupcakes, she wants brownies. If everyone wants to watch a cartoon, she'll request a documentary. When everyone is entertained, she's bored.

The last few days have produced a few memorable quotes.
  • Troy was straightening up and getting ready to answer a few emails when Lydia said, "Daddy, Can you stay here still? Stay here and stare at me." Troy complied for a time, literally staring at her while she watched TV. The moment he looked down at his phone she noticed and said, "Daaaaaddddy.
  • I made cupcakes. After Isaac finished his he said, "Thanks Mom for the delicious cupcake." Lydia said, "You can thank me too because I mostly made that frosting." (she stirred it)
  • Last night at bedtime as I tucked her in, she lamented, "WHHYYYY does it always have to go -daytime - nighttime - daytime - nighttime like this???? I want it to go more daytime." 
It is so odd to us, as parents of this fairly demanding child, to find ourselves wishing we could keep her right at this age. She is speeding toward her fifth birthday this fall and ready for two days a week of school, yet we're totally willing to freeze her right in this contrary and "it is all about me" stage of her life.  Do all parents have this sick and twisted desire to keep the baby a baby forever?

Phoebe, the *most* patient big sister in the world