Friday, May 10, 2013

glass cage vol. 2

last day of 2012-2013 school year
leaving 12th grade and Heartline Academy behind 

Sajoy abounds!  

Thursday afternoon the kids completed their regular school year.  Paige is officially finished with High School. She had to work her tiny little tail off for two and a half years to catch up from the earth trembling nonsense of 9th grade, but she did it!

Her graduation partying starts with her Grandparents arrival in just 10 days. Eighteen others fly in over a period of four days and the celebration continues on until the 25th of May when we have an official ceremony for the single graduating senior at Heartline Academy.

At this hour Paige, Isaac, Hope, and Noah are with Jimmy, Becky, and their daughter Abigail heading toward a weekend of adventure. Becky wrote us a couple weeks ago suggesting a "Senior Trip" for Paige. I was and am touched by the love the Burtons have for Paige, (and all the kids) and that they would take time to organize a trip for Paige is deeply touching to Troy and I. It might also be marginally troubling. Jimmy and Becky voluntarily signed up for a road trip in Haiti with a questionable vehicle, four of our kids, and their baby.  I have no explanation, these Texans are cut from a different cloth. Yee-Haw and God Bless 'em!

Last night the fools were all packed to go and refused to use their pillows because the pillows were sitting by the bags, ready to go. When I suggested that using the pillow - and then packing it in the morning might be an alternative idea, I quickly learned I am a moron.  Duh. It is packed. Of course it cannot be used. Becky pointed out that if they didn't really need the pillow to sleep it seemed silly to have packed it.  Funny little fools, all of them.

The only other packing oddness that took place was surrounding Noah and his underwear. He was lamenting that the underwear he loves the most were not clean. Ever the sensitive mother of many, I said, "You're fine. Take a pair of Isaac's. Other underwear are good enough."  Not true. He made a national case of the underwear situation and an hour later when I came to the kitchen Geronne was hand washing underwear in the kitchen sink while telling me, "Madame Troy, I understand the things of children. Noah needs this pair. He loves this pair."

Oh, well then ...Nobody told me that I don't "understand the things of children".  :) When Noah woke up at 5:30 this morning to leave for his trip, his underwear had been lovingly placed next to his head where a pillow might have been, if he was normal.

Thanks to the 'Senior Trip', Troy and I are spending this coming weekend with a smaller contingent of odd little people.

Phoebe has two front teeth hanging askew on top. One goal for the weekend is to remove them. Lydia is especially gaseous of late. She finds much merriment in this. Almost daily we get to hear things like: "Who farted? Just kidding. I did." and  "I tooted two times. Just kidding. Three."

As you can see, our weekend plans are ambitious. We'll be here pulling teeth and counting farts. After that, we will see what Port au Prince throws at us and spend some time in the glass cage.

last day of school duds and poses