Thursday, May 16, 2013

joy & pain, sunshine & rain

Isaac and I landed with our fancy cooler of vaccine early Wednesday morning. I don't know what pleased me most, his giddy excitement returning home to his brother, his fabulous and astute insight into American culture, or the way in which he thanked every American Airline employee individually for the ride. The pilot said, "Keep doing what you're doing Mom!"  I said, "Trust me.  This child's joy and love has so very little to do with me, but thanks!" 

Isaac and his friend, Glori - experiencing joy on the Ft Lauderdale beach

His day three dose of Rabies vaccine was administered at noon yesterday. I kind of snickered as I pulled out the paperwork and saw, "This drug is given in a hospital or clinic and will not be stored at home."  Ahem.  

Isaac said, "Mom, I need to call in all the kids and show them how to do shots without pain."  Okay??   He called all his siblings while I mixed up the vaccine.  He gave a convincing tutorial on relaxing your muscle and spoke with great authority about the ease of getting shots as long as you can relax your mind and body.  I gave him the vaccine and wondered how in the world any of this could be more strange?  I don't even doubt for a second that we will find out.

I don't ever want to forget the fun of spending 72 hours with Isaac in the USA. We just don't do a lot of "one on one" time due to logistics in Port au Prince, I was given a little gift with that bat bite. My notes are scrawled everywhere because that child is so dang quotable.  Isaacumen vol. 1 from America coming as soon as I have time to compile all the nuggets of insight. 

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The important stuff, quickly ...

little preemie guy born Tuesday afternoon

  • Please pray for this little man.  His name has not yet been chosen. He was born at 31 to 32 week mark and is 3lbs & 11 ounces of precious.  His weight puts him just a tiny bit too big for the hospitals to keep him.  His weight  and age puts him just a few weeks too little to be expected to go home.  He and his Momma, Guernise, will be living in Heartline's postpartum room for a couple of weeks.  Pray he gains weight, eats well, stays germ/bacteria free, etc.   

  • A few months back we began doing foster care for an amazing little guy in the process of being adopted named A.J. Cox.  You might remember Paige has a side mission and passion of loving on sweet small people that need an interim care-giver.  Paige has taken on his primary caregiver role. His adoptive parents had their dossier taken from them because the agency did not agree with their decision to move him. The agency/orphanage would like them not to speak about what they know, so they've asked for a gag order before they will return it.  Troy and I made two visits to attempt to check on him, there was zero transparency and many things that concerned us. We don't have a dossier  or a child that can be used as leverage and we don't have a single reason not to speak. Because his family's dossier is being held as a bargaining chip, or punishment tool, the Cox family needs to reproduce documents they have already paid for and turned over.  There is a fundraiser at Project Hopeful to help them with this. You can read more about it HERE.  To quote them,  "We hope that, after reading our story, you will support us for this simple reason: we will not sign a gag order to protect our former adoption "agency" and their facilitator in return for the easy release of our documents."

Paige & AJ

“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”