Saturday, October 18, 2008

babies don't stay babies

We leave in less than a week, there is SO much to do before then.

We are getting so excited to see Britt (and lots of other friends/family) and actually get to be involved in some of her planning for the wedding. She comes to MN for a weekend toward the end of our ten days there. (We will shop for wedding clothing and have a bridal shower for her during her three days in MN.)

I've struggled with being angry (at ? I don't even know who!!) that I am away from her and missing out on this wedding stuff with her. I guess I want someone to recognize it and just commiserate with me ... can someone acknowledge it; maybe just comment with "yeah, that really stinks" or maybe "no fair" - that will help me. :)

The previous post applies here as well. Ten years ago the little girl in the first photo was only a 3rd grader ... now she is a young woman preparing for marriage. time flies.

i have to go cry now.