Sunday, October 05, 2008

Weird on top of Weird - Our Weekend

  • Phoebe does not like water, swimming, or having her hair washed. It makes her nervous. While we swim, she prefers to stand and watch. But, she likes to run around in her swimsuit - she did that all weekend - and never entered the pool.
  • Jeronne and Tipap had the weekend off. We said they could stay away until Monday noon if they wanted. They came home at 5pm today instead. Jeronne came up to check on bedridden Troy ... after she saw him she came up to me with a wet washcloth and asked if she could wash his feet. Clearly I am not taking good enough care of him. I asked him how his foot wash was and he said "Weird - I think she is going to pluck my eyebrows next." It was odd. But his feet are now clean - Which is nice.
  • Hope refuses to learn that the pool has Chlorine in it ... she is constantly saying "Ouch MOM, the Chloroquine in the pool is hurting my eyes."
  • The garbage man came yesterday. I chatted with him a bit ... then noticed his shirt. My Mom gave Troy a South Padre Island shirt a few years ago. He gave it to Tipap. Tipap gave it to the garbage man. The garbage man is sporting a sweet "SPI" t-shirt to work now.
  • I have been out of diet pop for 48 hours. It is all I can think about. It might be time to quit.
  • The store only had Carrot cake (no one likes it) so Lydie did not have any cake on her birthday. Or presents. But we did gather round Troy in his bed and sing to her. One year olds are blissfully ignorant of what they have coming to them on the anniversary of their birth. Phew.
  • Both Pat and Randy and Rusty and Cheryl helped us out by taking a list from us and bringing groceries ... we are always happy to pay anyone back if you want to shove some cereal or crackers in your bags. We saved over $100 this weekend doing it that way. The kids are going totally bananas over the Pop Tarts they got yesterday ... I almost had to break up a fist fight over the last blueberry one this morning. In Haiti, it's the small things in life that get us excited.
  • If you come to Haiti with Chocolate; you should NOT leave here with it. Missionaries will bad-mouth you if you do. Make a note of it.
  • We have been talking with friends about the things you do here that become normal to you ... even though they are not actually normal. I was remembering that when Jamie was here I picked bugs out of the noodles and hoped that she and her friends would not see me because it seems like most of our noodles have bugs in them and we gave up on throwing them out. They float right to the top and are easy to take out. No worries future visitors!
  • Isaac is learning the Lord's Prayer. He is hilarious ... I will try to get a video of it tomorrow. It has never been the same twice, but I liked one version that went: "Our father which art up in heaven how will thy be thy name?"
  • Paige is the only one who went to church today. John picked her up. We were happy she wanted to go and "represent".

I am an expert at Dengue Fever and all the variables, symptoms, signs, etc. I have read every site on the Internet. This is from - something that I think really stinks about this horrible illness "Convalescence may be prolonged, with weakness and mental depression." Troy has a way to go before he will even start to feel better, but he is feeling depressed and I thank you for praying specifically about that. This is hard stuff.