Sunday, October 26, 2008


We made it. About three hours into our time in Miami Noah said, "WHEN are we going to be in the States?!?!?! I thought there was snow here." He was not convinced that Miami qualifies as part of the USA. ;)

The flights went right on time, without any drama. Lydie acted like a fool for part of the MIA to MSP flight ... but one year olds are not built for airplanes - at all.

Snow flurries here this morning. No thank you...but Noah was happy.

The first speaking things went great. I got to meet an Internet friend, it was a good day.

We're taking off for three days of kid free, relax and vegetate kind of time. We're staying in the home of some friends and are VERY excited to use their place and lay low for a couple days.

Have a great week!