Thursday, October 09, 2008

Falling back on the trusty bullet point post

  • Troy continues to improve, slowly but surely. He has Bronchitis too which is currently more annoying to him than anything. I love the experience of visiting the Doc we sometimes see here, he is BEYOND entertaining, almost like a Simpsons character, that is its own post that I will get to soon. Thank you all for your prayers, so far no one else has shown signs of Dengue. Another five or six days and we are out of the woods.
  • Ran into Zach (the dad of Licia and Lori) yesterday. It made my day to see him smiling and back where he belongs. On top of the joy of seeing him was the joy of learning that in his grocery cart were two cases of diet pop FOR ME! He is like my personal Santa Claus, even in October. Thanks Zach, we love you and are so happy you are back.
  • John McHoul gave me a keyboard. It is in Spanish. It was $5.00 at Walmart and was in his "inventory."It is making for some interesting typing issues. The keys don't match what they do. He is now only accepting emails in Spanish from me... Because he is a dork. This is the only thing I really need to know how to say when I am with him : Este hombre va a pagar por todo!
  • I am working with Sheila, the talented lady who oversees the sewing program, to figure out how to best market/sell the purses being made by the Haitian ladies in the program. I also have beautiful hand made greeting cards that are made by some ladies working for World Wide Village. If you are an expert on e-sales and have some advice for me about shipping and how to do something like this from a land without mail service, please share your thoughts ... thanks!
  • The next two weeks of October are chalk full of visitors and appointments ... we're anxious to connect with old and new friends, it seems that lots of people chose October to travel south.
  • Later this month we're heading to MN for a quick trip to do some speaking/fundraising, take care of some boring life/tax/business type things, do a couple Doctor appts, attend a bridal shower for Britt who will be in MN from TX for a weekend, shop for wedding apparel for the ginormous lot of us, and try to get a couple of days alone to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Most of the kids will remain in Haiti with Jeronne and Tipap. I think Phoebe, Annie and Isaac will be fine. If you know Noah, you'll begin praying for him and this time away from us now. I am nervous about his response. Unfortunately, flying a butt-load of people out of here is cost-prohibitive... so he must remain behind. The poor guy.¡Que pase un buen día!d