Saturday, October 18, 2008

time flies

if there is one thing that constantly smacks me upside the head ... it is the realization that i don't spend enough time engaged in the moment. i always plan ahead (even here - where planning is discouraged and disrespected) and i rarely savor the moment.

i was looking through photos from the time we moved here. it has been three years since we decided to see what God would do if we followed Him here ... three years that flew by. seeing the old photos of the kids, and the visual proof that they've changed so much- made me wish i had engaged more in each moment. (photos from 2006)

yesterday we laughed and laughed at the hilarious things our kids were saying and doing. it felt good to slow down and just BE with them. seeing these old photos caused me to pause and be consciously aware that the next years will fly by too, and the babies will be babies no more and the moments will be gone.this morning laying in bed cuddling with lydie -- troy said, "i want to remember this ... i don't want to forget any of it."