Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Machann Blan

We have a GINORMOUS Mango tree in our driveway. Paige is always looking for an angle and a way to make money. In about a month you might drive through Tabarre and see her sitting on the corner with a basket full of Mangoes. But be warned, she LOVES the process of haggling and wheeling/dealing and she will take up a lot of your time just enjoying the sport of negotiating price.

Troy left eary and is off to Mirabales this morning. He officially feels rid of his Bronchitis and the fatigue that Dengue causes is getting better each day. It has been long enough now that I think I can safely say none of the rest of us are going to get it. Thank you for your prayers about that. Troy lost 7 pounds but with a trip to MN coming up, we're certain that weight can be replaced.

I am hoping to get caught up on a few things and get the kitchen painted today ... we'll just see if the little ladies agree with my plan.

Haitian History Lesson of the Day ...

Jean-Jacques Dessalines

No school on Friday in order to observe this holiday.

Have a great day!