Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Short Report

Tuesday at Women's Program ... Bev (from Florida) teaching about bonding with your baby and learning how to read their needs. The little boy below is so beautiful, I thought for sure he was a girl. :)

We have had the pleasure in past months of meeting a great group of people on the Board of Directors with Minnesota Teen Challenge.

For those unfamiliar with Teen Challenge, it is a residential faith-based addiction recovery program. They have chapters all over the USA, and International locations as well. The MN program is the largest chapter; often times serving/housing over 400 people in the recovery process.

The stories that come out of Teen Challenge are nothing short of amazing. We've attened an event of theirs and to hear the testimonies of lives changed and transformed is totally inspirational. John McHoul is actually a Teen Challenge graduate and credits that program with turning his life around.

Most of us are touched in some way by addiction. We are so impressed by this program and the heart for the broken and hurting that the leaders and directors of the organization have. We're really excited to have been given an opportunity to be involved in their initial planning.

They (MN Teen Challenge) are prayerfully considering planting a residential recovery program here in Haiti. The last few days have been spent scouting location and fact finding. It was so fun to be with them and we're anxious to see if God blesses their desire to help here and how it all unfolds.

Beth and I got 8 slow miles in this morning, I pulled something and slowed us down on the back end of the run, but it was still really fun.

Noah is waiting on me ... I better go. Tonight we have dinner plans with friends ... Tomorrow we are flying down to Les Cayes (last time the hurricane stopped us) to check out a program down there. I'm excited to check out this beautiful country a little bit more.

I am off with Noah to the pool .