Friday, October 03, 2008

Link, Proverb, Things to Think About

I read this (link below) earlier today. Sadly, there is much truth to this article ...

There is no shortage of people able to point at the problems humanitarian aide and missions have caused ... but there are not a lot of people with viable solutions. That is why I try not to be critical of others or get in the habit of placing judgment on what someone or some organization might be doing here. It is easy to criticize and tell someone why what they are doing is wrong. It is pretty difficult to come up with solutions that will actually work. We can talk all about won't work and what the better answers are, but talk is cheap.

Link to article.

See the comment from Dr. Judith D'Amico too.

I agree with this- ( below is a portion of her comment)
"Haïti's problems are too deep and too chronic for the superficial makeover that results. It will require long term planning with highly experienced and qualified persons before a true rehabilitation of Haïti and its people can occur.

The most difficult problem of all to confront here is the high level of mistrust (Haitian to Haitian as well as Haitian to foreigner). Yet until that is handled, little true progress will be made."

There is a proverb that says a lot, it is:
Neg pa fye neg depi nan Ginen.
People don't trust each other since Guinea.
(Distrust has deep roots. In Guinea ancestors sold each other into slavery.)