Friday, December 11, 2009

Always with the nothing to say ...

So ... we're working on our Christmas thing.
In my mind -
two and three year old children are always more cooperative than they are in reality. If only we all just lived in my mind.

Lydia is a real turkey about carrying the frankincense - she seems not to understand the significance and importance of this gift to the Christ-child. Annie and Phoebe are not necessarily putting out their best efforts either, but at least they don't cry non-stop. Mark it down as year three of Lydia failing to show up. ;)

While we're busy playing dress-up for the reenactment of the birth of Jesus, we'll point you other places. Today, you can read Lucas' blog about his day with Troy earlier this week. Troy is not much of a blogger, he relies on the rest of us to carry his weight and tell his stories. Thanks Lucas. Thanks me.

(The house they visited near our former home was the home of Gran and Sophia. Sophia was severely malnourished at 11 months of age and spent a short time recovering with our family and a year at the RHFH Rescue Center. She is now four years old and doing well. Her mother died giving birth to her, she is being raised by her grandmother.)

At Kreyol class I/we've been learning a lot. I even managed to teach Troy a few things he did not know. I love when that happens. Here are a few very easy to remember Haitian Proverbs.
Try these:
Sak vid pa kanpe. (An empty sack cannot stand.)
Manje kwit pa gen met. (Cooked food has no owner.)
Deye mon gen mon. (Beyond mountains more mountains.)