Monday, December 21, 2009

Anticipation ...

Things are rolling right along in Port au Prince. Vivien headed home to Dallas this morning, Paige heads out for a quick Minnesota trip tomorrow. Our team from Austin, TX has been easy and fun, they leave Wednesday.

After Prenatal Class on Thursday we'll officially settle into Christmas Eve and Hope's Birthday at home with our tribe. We've purchased the birthday ice-cream and somehow we'll figure out a way to find an acceptable birthday gift in a land with no such option as a "Target-run".

We've been blessed to have Joanna from Minnesota helping us on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Womens Program this month. She is fun to be with and has been an asset to the program. Wednesday night she has offered to baby-sit all small Livesay-people by herself. People don't offer that too often, so we're going to run out of here before she changes her mind, even if it is just to drive circles around the area. Actually, we may take our almost 8 year old, Hopie, out for a special dinner with just Mom and Dad.

The Heartline Runners fundraiser is very close to reaching the goal. The runners are dealing with snow, sleet, injuries and busy holiday schedules ... thank you for encouraging us/them with a year-end donation to push us/them past the goal. How exciting it would be to go into the race and the last week(s) of training knowing the ambulance can be purchased!

Christmas is definitely different here than the celebrations we'd grown accustomed to 'at home'. In spite of the sunny, warm weather and the dusty, diesel fumigated air, the anticipation and sense of wonder remains.

The wise-babies are planning a short encore performance sometime before Christmas ... they are still following that star ... and trying to get along.

This Christmas may the truth of his love permeate your heart - no matter what your geographic location.