Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

  • The condensed report of our four day week: Troy fought with the culture to try and get a truck back in working order for a Mamba delivery to happen ... the kids played and fought with each other a lot ... Tara helped with Women's Program and fought with her leg.
  • We have friends coming over to celebrate later tonight - fun!
  • We're all wound up REEEALLY tight - waiting for Britt and Chris to get here tomorrow. (Then we go on our little Christmas gift overnight trip together.)
  • We're excited that the Heartline Runners have reached their goal of 60K - and have even exceeded it thanks to the generosity of many.Thank you to each of you that chipped-in!
  • Welcome 2010 ... May we make it our goal to: Strive for growth, follow in obedience, lead with courage, live with integrity, cherish our families, and love God in the year ahead.
  • A New Year's Day gift for you - The boys sharing their new-found skills

Happy New Year from Port-au-Prince!