Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Power & Responsibility

I really need to be better at recording some of the funny and cute things the boys are saying lately. I don't have baby-books for my kids so I need to record their lives via blog-baby-book.

Today ...

Noah- We were going to the PAP airport to get Paige. Noah had already thrown himself on the ground declaring that, "Moooommm, fifteen minutes until Paige lands is too stinkin long!" After we got there the boys were trying hard to see her walking toward us from across a parking lot. Noah said, "Mom, What color shirt is Paige wearing, do you know?" I said, "No, I don't know ... but I think you'll be able to pick her out." He said, "No Ma, call her and ask her about her shirt."

As it turned out the white skin and bright blond hair proved to be enough of a tip off and Noah saw her without knowing her shirt was black.

Isaac- As many of you know, the things you hear about Haiti are usually the worst things. Statistics are tossed around freely ... some of them accurate and some of them not so accurate. Isaac speaks in a jubilant and joyful voice most of the time. So, in that joyful voice he said, "Mom Mom - Most Haitian children die before they are 15. Will I die before then too?!?!?" I just about choked on the lump in my throat. I told him that "most" is maybe not totally accurate and that the reasons they die are not reasons that apply to him. That led to a deep discussion about why they are poor and without money for doctors and why he gets to have parents and money to eat and receive care when needed. (sniff) And really, that is not an answer I can easily package. It was pretty heavy stuff for an eight year old. Then Noah piped in with his thoughts about original sin and if only Adam and Eve had not so royally screwed up the whole plan things would be better for Haitian kids and then maybe they would not die before the age of fifteen.

They may not clean up after themselves worth a darn - but these little men are thinkers. Maybe tomorrow we'll tell Jeronne to put her feet up and we'll discuss the complexities of Old Testament exegesis while cleaning toilets. ;)

Here they are earlier this year discussing Super Hero stuff with Troy on a drive through Port au Prince ... (turn it up)

Let's Review:
With great power comes great responsibility.