Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Having a photographer** come deal with this tribe - is something I am unwilling to do - so we used a remote - w/ the camera on the dryer - it worked out well because we went in with low low expectations. Troy and Noah were checking the camera placement in the photo above. The dryer, the remote, the mostly compliant children ... it all means we are sending a Christmas card from here for the first time! Maybe it is too soon to be pompous about it, they are not here yet, not stamped or addressed .... but still ... we feel a bit pompy having gotten this far.

**Marcia E. is the exception. She deserves and is worthy of our particular brand of challenging.

Women's Program today will focus again on breastfeeding. We made December "breastfeeding month" and are doing an attendance incentive ... which has meant 35 moms on Tuesdays. Last week the room looked like this as Esther guest-taught for us and the women enjoyed her thoughts and words and got to meet her plump, healthy baby boy. (Heartline's first at-home delivery was Esther and Matt's son Niko.)

Troy and John are playing Tennis this morning. Troy has never beat John. I really hate that for him. Looking at John, you would not necessarily think "athlete" - but he is tricky like that. He was quite a Hockey player in his day and he is very good at Tennis. He drinks Diet Coke while playing Tennis. (He never drinks water ... I know that sounds disgusting and insane - but it is also true.) John has a nasty cough right now - I am hoping that cough might mean a win for my man today. If not, I am sure the ever-so-humble-Mr.McHoul will let us know.

We solved our guest house cleaning person dilemma by going to LaDigue. We lived there almost three years and made some great friends. Rather than hire someone in two days that we did not know well, we called on Jeronne's former roommate. Marie Elise (in pink above) moved into Port and is staying with us at our house until the teams all depart. She was excited to have a job for three weeks and she and Jeronne seem very happy to get to spend time together. We teased them about the time they got in a giant fight about one not waking the other up for work. In the end Troy was called in to referee and settle things down.

Last night Jeronne and MarieElise cooked a delicious Haitian meal. We had rice and beans, fried chicken, pikliz, and fried plantains. I tried to put money in Jeronne's hand to pay for what she bought at the market and she sternly told me that if I did not let her buy our dinner and give it to us as a gift that she would be angry with me. I believed her.

She paid for and prepared the entire meal - we are touched by her example of giving. Our family could not possibly love working with Jeronne more - our kids all love her (and tell her daily). She is taking a week off later this month and then returning with her daughter to join us for a late Christmas celebration and a short trip to Jacmel.

The kids only have 8 more days of school before Vivien heads back to Texas for Christmas with her family. We will stay put and count down the days until Britt and Chris get to Haiti. The boys think Chris walks on water and can hardly stand all this waiting. :)

With love and wishes for a great Tuesday from sunny and cool(er) Port au Prince,