Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Diagnosis: Confusion

Some of the greatest stories the old-timers in Haiti tell - are related to this well known ailment ...

A person never wants to grow cynical, but some persons have indeed grown cynical- in spite of their desires not to ... most of those persons have been around long enough to have seen some things. (late edit- video link fixed now)

I don't understand it, but for whatever reason a lot of times when someone finds out there is nothing wrong with them (or their child) and that they do not need any medicine, they appear to be very disappointed. This happens a lot on Tuesdays when the nurse that works with our program sees adults and kids after the class. "You're healthy - everything looks and sounds great!" is often met with slumped shoulders and a defeated expression. It is one of Haiti's many unsolved mysteries.

There are plenty of very real problems. The fake ones kind of frustrate me.

Also quite frustrating, the fact that I never have anything interesting to write lately.