Tuesday, March 23, 2010

60 Minutes

This is a post we wrote in December about the Restavek system in Haiti. 60 Minutes did a piece on Sunday.

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There are things I love about this report, focusing on those things; I loved when Jean Robert Cadet reminded us that IT DOES MATTER and IS IMPORTANT to help just ONE person. The truth of that is powerful.

I think we all get wrapped up in numbers. I have never been all that impressed with those statistics. Feeding 1,000 has never changed anyone as much as touching, knowing, hurting with and loving one has. We have been moved, blessed, amazed and totally changed by one life. We watched in awe as this ONE life change many.

Jesus went after ONE lost sheep. We're called to do the same. Just one.

Absolutely, helping ONE is life-changing, totally urgent and valuable.

Thank you to 60 Minutes for allowing Jean Robert Cadet to so poignantly share that truth.