Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Crazy Baby Day

Click here for baby photos ... Beth's FB album.
Beth and I were two steps from being out the door to run this morning when the phone rang. Jessica the charge nurse at the Heartline Hospital told us that she had a lady in labor. We scratched our run and headed for the truck to go pick her up and bring her to the Women's Center. Mom Sandra labored beautifully all morning and gave birth to a gorgeous little girl that she named Nahela at about 2:40 this afternoon. Just as Mom was finished delivering the placenta and we were getting ready to bathe baby, they told us a lady having contractions was at the gate.

SO, tonight could be a long night as we pray and help Mom Jenes and hopefully welcome another perfectly healthy baby into the world. Beth took some photos and so did I --- I will try to add in a link to them or add them to this post later on tonight when we get some down time between the contractions and action.

Those of us here on 1-12-2010 feel an incredible bond with each other due to our common experience and with the groups that we worked with in those first insanely challenging three weeks post-earthquake. It really has been a wild ride filled with such highs and lows. I can only speak for myself when I say that a lot of the time I felt like God had transformed me into someone so much stronger than myself and I felt His arms around the work being done. We did things we would have been afraid to do and I know that it was His power that allowed for that. I am amazed by all of it.

Joanna Howard is one of the people I've written about before. She and I and Vivien and Joanna Thiele were together the hours leading up to the earthquake. The four of us were at Women's Program that Tuesday afternoon and went grocery shopping together. It was not too long after we were done shopping that the ground shook. Joanna put together her story of January 12 and the three weeks following the EQ and shares a little bit of what we all saw and experienced. Many volunteers are pictured in this presentation, and many are not ... but each person was strengthened by God to do what needed to be done. For that we give Him thanks.

Baby photos and more later ...