Monday, March 22, 2010

One Week Vacation in Photos ...

My (Tara's) Dad ... looking out toward the Caribbean to an island close to our hearts and not so far away.

The three musketeers above, and a man who will have no trouble finding a wife below ...

This guy on the other hand, could run into a hurdle or two while searching for a spouse ... especially if he keeps peeing in bushes on golf courses.

Paige is loving photography and took 80% of the photos from last week, sadly that means she is missing from all the group shots.

I am going back a couple of months to write in further detail some of the experiences of the first weeks in Haiti post EQ ... I don't often take time to add a ton of details in my regular day to day writing - but as time passes I want to better remember small details about things we felt and decisions we made and have it to look back on in twenty years - and share with our kids.

Tomorrow I am hoping to post more about the first 12 to 24 hours after the EQ. Join me for some free therapy!