Friday, March 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Noah Matthew is SIX today. I realized that I have missed one of Lydia's birthdays, one of Phoebe's (gone for both of their 2nd birthdays). And now Noah's.

I have NEVER missed Britt, Paige, Isaac or Hope's.

I think this goes to prove that as you parent more and more children, you start to slack off. A lot.

NOAH - Happy Birthday big boy. You FINALLY got to have an "America Birthday" - it was about time! I love you. I miss you so very much. I hope that Dad and your siblings make today really fun for you and I hope you will be okay with having TWO celebrations because I want to celebrate with you too when I get back next week. You are a gift to me. I love your wild and ornery side and I love your cuddly hugging side - you are a good little man Noah and you make my life better, happier, and much more fun.

(Click on Noah's photo on the left side of the blog to read about the day he entered the world and his flare for drama.)