Thursday, March 04, 2010


Too tired to string together coherent sentences.

  • Rain. Mud. Sad for people in tents and under tarps.
  • Learned that there is such a thing as a "sterile wash down area" for US Military cars. I drove into a "sterile wash down area" with mud on my tires and got a reprimand for it. I don't think I get it. Military people, please explain. I am totally perplexed.
  • Prenatal program today was pretty wild ... 32 women - finally closed the door when the room got full - of those only 3 were already in our program prior to EQ - we have a lot of hard decisions to make about all of that and how to move forward. We want to have a small very high quality program. The EQ changed a lot of things but we don't want to change the quality of care offered. We're not Doctors Without Borders, we're a tiny maternity center ... and we like to know the ladies we deliver and have a good grasp on their health history and even personality. Right now we're in "response" mode and have not figured out how to reign things in yet. Have 6 ladies from today due in the next two weeks.
  • Hung out and people watched at airport while waiting to pick up my people.
  • Drove and Drove and Drove some more.