Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The City of Poets Welcomes Margaret Home

A few hours after asking around yesterday, I got an email from MAF that they could fly Miss Margaret to Jeremie for us today. The expense was small considering it was the only way to give her exactly what she wanted, a dying wish so to speak. We learned from the HIV clinic that she needed C4 counts and a TB test before they could begin to help her and they felt that that might be an awful lot of testing only to find out there is not that much they can do for her at this stage. We sort of talked it through and determined with her son that getting her home to the city of her birth was the priority over sitting in offices waiting on tests and Doctors when she is so very near the end. This morning we took off around 10am to head west. John and I had the privilege of escorting Miss Margaret home to Jeremie today. Her son loved the flight. She is very exhausted, and on pain meds and slept through it, the poor baby. We landed, allowed them time to find a ride, and took off to head home to PAP. Out of all of my interactions with them today was the only time I saw her perk up a bit. We were walking into the little airport and I asked her if she knew where we were going? She relied "Yes, I am going to the place I was born." She was more than ready to return home. I can understand why the Ferry would not take her, that is a looong ride and would have been very hard on her. Instead, she got home in one hour flat. Thanks to all who prayed about this and to God for provision through MAF. Today's photos are below ...

John's ginormous head almost did not fit into the airplane ... we pushed down on the sides of his head and were finally able to get the door to close.In the plane, Garyson and Margaret - ready to take off.
The tent cities are overwhelmingly sad and sprawling and everywhere you look ... this one is right at the end of the airport road the bottom of this photo does not show it but that would be where the "Three Hands" monument is located. Turning left after the triangular white and blue tent city would get you to the PAP airport.
Tent Cities everywhere ...
More tent cities ... PAP
Jeremie from the air ...


After we got back from Jeremie the clinic was very busy. Jen and Jess and the shorter term Heartline Staff had a crazy day. The night shift and a few others delivered this baby at 4am. His name is Jonathan and he is a beauty. He's doing well. His Mama needed a lot of help afterward due to a pretty big tear during delivery.

There is another Mama in labor right now. We're all hoping to get some sleep before the time comes to head over to the hospital ... hopefully she'll wait until at least 4 or 5am. She is the third baby in two days again. Hoping for a little baby break for the sanity of all sleep deprived medical professionals.

Thursday has way more to be done than can ever happen ... but we are just going to wake up and go for it and see what happens. Jen has to be like four places at once, I have to be at two or three, there are people coming in and people going out and who knows if there are enough vehicles and drivers to get it all done. I did less driving today but will be back at it again tomorrow. My left leg (clutch) is getting disturbingly strong driving the traffic packed hills of PAP. The upside, I get to have air conditioning a portion of the day. It is marvelous, because the heat and humidity are back to stay this time.

If John writes about today, you'l find it on the Heartline blog.