Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Life for Haiti

This is Jenes and her new (unnamed as of discharge day) baby girl. Please be praying for this Mom and her four children ages 12, 8, 6, and newborn. They lost their husband and father and main source of income and have a lot to overcome. Beth and Jen wrote to say the baby was admitted today and is quite ill. We pray that this little baby girl will grow up knowing and showing love ... and bring her mother hope for the future.

Yesterday I grabbed a USA Today and opened the Life section to see a picture of Rony leaving the Comfort Ship a couple of weeks ago. (Rony on the left below). There was something very odd and surreal about that ... but that is the case with so many things right now - I probably shouldn't have been surprised to see it. So many are praying for Rony and Rosemon (on the right) and I hope that will not stop now.The kids were all happy to see me, but not nearly as happy as Troy was. I am so blessed that he was willing to deal with so much (so many) without me these last two weeks ... the man is a saint and I love him for loving me while I act half-crazy. He also wants to get back as soon as possible but somehow he is better able to live in the moment and trust God with it all ... I am watching and learning from him.

My Dad got to Waco earlier today. I saw him for one thirty second hug since the earthquake, I am excited to be with him this week. On Sunday we (Troy and I and the youngest six) are heading to south Texas to be with my Mom and Dad at their place for five nights.

The kids are very excited and hoping for warm weather to go to the beach at South Padre. Lydia was born 29 months ago and since then we have never attempted a vacation of any sort with this insane posse of children ... we always leave one or two home. This will be a test of our sanity and patience, hoping the two littlest ones cooperate and we get a chance to make some great memories.

We are currently figuring out a speaking schedule for March 25th through the end of April. If your church or group is at all interested in investing in work in Haiti or learning about what God is doing please contact us by email with possible dates and locations. We're a bit limited geographically/financially but are open to sharing with those within driving distance. Our email is If you're in the Austin area we will be at The Austin Stone on Sunday afternoon, the 21st of March.

I need to limit my time obsessing about Haiti and longing to be there ... so I am going to go off radar for a while while we take our trip. I need to do better at focusing on my family. While we vacation I am forcing myself to take a step back from the news and blogs.

Email or call if you need us.

Thanks for caring for us and for your continued love for Haiti's people,