Wednesday, January 26, 2011

deye mon gen mon

Today was a rough Haiti day.  We're facing our first big challenge at Harbor House and praying for direction and wisdom. We also have some new friends from Leogane dealing with their own big challenges.

You've likely heard the Haitian proverb: "Deye mon gen mon" or, behind the mountains there are mountains.

You've maybe also heard that Haiti is like an onion.  You must peel layer after layer to get to the bottom of a situation/story/problem.

We're not sure what it is that makes these things true.  It can be discouraging at times.  Things are not easy to discern. A Haitian man told me on Sunday that he believes Haitians don't generally trust each other or anyone. (Often with good reason). We talked at length about the jealousy and mistrust and tendency to seek revenge that frequently occurs here.  

This post from 2009 came to mind tonight while we talked through what to do next.

We're so grateful that God goes before us in these things and lights the way, because we're so clueless. 

Prayers for illuminated paths in the morning!