Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today is pre-natal day at the Women's Center. There are a handful of ladies in their final weeks of pregnancy. Thank-you for praying for them.  Some of them are sleeping under tarps as they prepare to give birth.  Can you imagine that?  

Please also keep the young moms at Harbor House in your prayers. Building community and trust is not an easy thing. This is a week for growing pains.  We've seen over and over the power of prayer, so we'll keep asking you to intercede for Mari Carmelle, Djenie, Seirgeline, Ernege, and Enisse.

Oh let our faith be not alone. May our hearts be not of stone. Give us souls that never close. To the grace that you bestow. Oh may our eyes be quick to see,  to see that you are here, you've come to rescue me.

Thank you God. You are here. You've come to rescue me.

Editorial in Miami Herald with thoughts on Duvalier.