Monday, January 17, 2011

Harbor House

In case you missed it, we're anxious to share that we've named the program/home for teen moms "Harbor House" (HHH- Heartline's Harbor House). 

Thank you for praying for the girls and for the sweet words of encouragement as we kick things off.


noun \ˈhär-bər\

Definition of HARBOR

: a place of security and comfort : refuge

It is our prayer that this home will be a place of security, protection, provision, growth, and shelter for the young moms that live there.  In the next week or so we'll try to get some updated photos of their digs and new photos of them with their baby boys.  

We have one prayer request to share.  We want to hire an older, mature, stern, savvy, and loving (the best combination of those things) "house mom"  - we have always wanted this position to belong to a Haitian woman.  This person will be a key to the success of this program. We have a candidate in mind to interview but are praying for five to six candidates.  We're asking God to bring the perfect mentor/mom/leader/shepherd for these fabulous girls.  Will you ask with us?

Photos compliments of:  Jonna Howard, Theresa Reichert, Beth McHoul, Jen Halverson.