Monday, January 17, 2011

Harbor House

In case you missed it, we're anxious to share that we've named the program/home for teen moms "Harbor House" (HHH- Heartline's Harbor House). 

Thank you for praying for the girls and for the sweet words of encouragement as we kick things off.


noun \ˈhär-bər\

Definition of HARBOR

: a place of security and comfort : refuge

It is our prayer that this home will be a place of security, protection, provision, growth, and shelter for the young moms that live there.  In the next week or so we'll try to get some updated photos of their digs and new photos of them with their baby boys.  

We have one prayer request to share.  We want to hire an older, mature, stern, savvy, and loving (the best combination of those things) "house mom"  - we have always wanted this position to belong to a Haitian woman.  This person will be a key to the success of this program. We have a candidate in mind to interview but are praying for five to six candidates.  We're asking God to bring the perfect mentor/mom/leader/shepherd for these fabulous girls.  Will you ask with us?

Photos compliments of:  Jonna Howard, Theresa Reichert, Beth McHoul, Jen Halverson.


The Lloyds said...

I am so excited that you all are doing this! I love the name and even more what it will mean for these girls. This kind of place will meet a need so often ignored. Love it!

Kathy S. said...

Praying with you for the perfect-combo house mama!

Lord, please provide the candidates for this position and use every one of them for your service and your glory. Bear much eternal fruit through this ministry and fill the house with your Spirit and Truth to establish your people and reap a harvest of righteousness in their midst! In the precious, beautiful, and powerful Name of Jesus. Amen

Heidi said...

Father to the fatherless, tonight we ask that you would, in your infinite wisdom, bring the perfect, mature woman to the Harbor House to help shepherd these young women. We know that you have plans beyond our wildest imaginations...please give the Heartline staff patience and faith as they wait on your perfect timing. Bless this ministry, with a strong, mature, Godly-woman, full of wisdom and discernment. May your will be done on earth, in Haiti, as is it in Heaven. Amen!

Kathrin said...

Perfect mane! I am very happy for the moms and the babys. Thank you all for being there for them.

Kathy C. said...

well named

Megan said...

I just love the whole concept of Harbor House. I love that these girls going through one of the toughest times of their lives can get the love and resources that they need. I love that in doing this, the cycle of poverty and future unwanted pregnancies for this girls is so greatly diminished. Change a girl- change the world! Way to be the hands and feet!

Heather said...

Beyond thrilled about this new ministry!! I will pray with you for that perfect Mom/mentor!!

Miss Sara said...

This is beautiful... & yes, of course, will say a prayer!

Julie said...

I passed the word on to some of our World Orphans staff. Perhaps one of the pastors in our 10 projects will know someone.

Kristine (a/k/a Mouse) said...

A couple ladies and I from my church wanted to gather a bunch of us to buy some items for the house. Sadly by the time we all talked and realized all were on board most of the rooms had been adopted. Personally, I wondered if you needed organizing things for your common room, like 2 shelf sets and fabric "bins" to put in them? or things like that? laundry baskets perhaps? Our favorite idea was to take some of our high schoolers and do a huge shopping trip and just buy whatever. Would you have a list of items like that which you still need? Let me know, we'd love to help!!

Judith said...

I think it's beautiful what you guys are doing. Thanks to God

Judith Francois