Friday, January 07, 2011

The Healing


Little Emmanuel

Hope with nurse Theresa

neither of these are former patients

Collette and Ester

Food is a key element at any Haitian celebration ....

These (and many more) photos were taken by Beth McHoul. It was hard to choose a few to post. Thursday night she and John were able to see so many that were helped after the earthquake as they came back for a reunion and celebration. Our little hospital on the fly did not set out to also become its own long term recovery center - but it did, and therefore lifelong friendships and bonds were formed.

The way that it was decided (on January 13/14/15) to take what had been an orphanage and womens program and attempt to use the space to help the injured and afraid was very much a God thing and a decision bathed in prayer and heavenly provision.  

Because we're all certain that we're clueless fools in great need of divine grace and intervention, we know the success and beauty and healing we saw in the weeks and months following the earthquake was only because of God's lavish mercy and favor. 

I think I speak for John and Beth and Dr. Jen and Dr. McKnight and many, many others that came to serve when I say that we were the lucky ones to be in the front row watching God at work last year. 

Enjoy seeing the work He did as you look at a few of these smiling and healing faces.