Monday, January 10, 2011

Mountain Climbers:

Djenie, Seirgeline, Mari Carmel & their sons
Young Moms in Haiti

The reality of the challenges these young ladies face are difficult to fully comprehend.

I'm not only talking about the obvious things like lack of nurture or stability in their own upbringing or unmet basic needs. I'm talking about horrible things like being desperate enough to sell yourself in order to make a little money, like being repeatedly exploited by people and systems that ensnare you and don't allow you to climb out without a fight.

After just a couple of days of observing conflicts and hurts and listening to deep sorrowful tears, it is glaringly clear that lasting life-changes and any healing and rebuilding will be hard fought and extremely difficult.  

The size of the mountains they have climbed in their short lives are mind numbing. After so much climbing they find themselves only at the bottom of the mountain.  

Truthfully if it were not for the size and strength of my mountain mover I might look at some of this and say there isn't a way to repair these things.
But ...
There is.  There is.  There is.

"Well Jesus did many miracles like this. Things people thought couldn't happen, that weren't natural. But it was the most natural thing in all the world. It's what God had been doing from the beginning, of course. Taking the nothing and making it everything. Taking emptiness and filling it up. Taking the darkness and making it light."  
-Jesus Storybook Bible

Please pray for these three young women as well as Anerge, a fourth teen-mom, that is currently living at the home while her baby boy gets medical help. Please pray for Brit G., the young woman that will be living in the house full-time with the girls. Please pray for wisdom and direction as we attempt to hire a Haitian house-mom, develop curriculum** and structure for the program and start to consider the next few residents to join the program. Most of all, pray that all of us in relationship with them daily show them an unconditional love that serves as a springboard to transform their lives and set them free.
With hope for these beautiful and courageous mountain climbers.


**If anyone knows of and/or can share access to solid and basic conflict resolution curriculum and tools for teaching it I would really appreciate it. You can reach me at TL7inhaiti@yahoo. com .**

From early December: 

"As we dream and hope for the future as a ministry, one of the things that has become very clear in our Women's program is the increased need for support and discipleship in the lives of our youngest moms. 

Out of a desire to better reach and serve struggling and unprepared young mothers, we will be opening a home for them. We're moving forward with plans and preparations for a two-year residential program for teenage mothers. 

The home will provide a place of safety and security where a new mother will live and learn in a protected environment. We desire to give each young woman an opportunity to grow in maturity, as well as the space and time needed for personal and spiritual growth. Each new mom will be involved in a structured program that allows them a chance to learn and improve their parenting skills, learn about bonding, work on conflict resolution, and personal development. Much of this healing and learning will happen in a group setting. Some of it will take place through one-on-one counseling and mentoring relationships. Over time the young women will also learn a skill, such as sewing or jewelry making, that will help them provide for themselves and their child into the future.  

We are excited too see what God will do in the lives of these capable and tenacious young women.  We pray that by helping them build a strong foundation early in their parenting years we will impact not only their lives but the lives of their children. 

This program will not succeed without the faithful prayers of all of you who choose to stand with us as we attempt to break the chains created by poverty and systems of oppression. We need your partnership and humbly ask for your prayers."