Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Enisse is no longer "the quiet girl" that won't make eye contact. She is now the spunky one that jumps to answer or help whenever she can.  She is soaking up her new life living in community. She is part of a family. She is glowing. Just ten days at Harbor House and we're seeing an entirely different young woman.  So many things in Haiti can be discouraging, we hold tightly to these positive things. Enisse is blossoming before our eyes.

Saturday she spent some time at our house because the rest of the girls had other plans. It simultaneously warmed and broke my heart to see that she is still such a little girl.  She played dolls with Hope and rode bike with Isaac (until I got nervous and reminded her we don't want her having that baby early) and did Lydia's hair while watching cartoons. She fit right in with nine year old friends and loved being here. She came and sat with me at my desk and we looked at photos of her taken in recent weeks. This blossoming 15 year old has only a matter of weeks until she will take on a weighty responsibility. Please be praying for her.

Leoni (19) moved in on Monday.  We met again Monday to talk about the basics and learn a little bit more about her story. Leoni was born and raised in the Artibonite valley. Her mother died in 2004 just three days after giving birth to her eighth child.  Leoni is number 2 of 8.  Her Dad is still in the country side and caring for three of her younger siblings. Sadly, three of her siblings have died. At the end of our meeting as I was about to leave I asked if she had eaten anything yet. It was 2:55 Monday afternoon and she said "poko manje" or I have not yet eaten.  I remember pregnancy well.  I don't know how these young women can get by on so little.  They must feel so weak and cruddy all the time.  We reminded her that she should eat every meal guilt free and without fail. She asked if she can leave on Sundays to wash her older brother's laundry.  We understand that culturally she is probably obligated to do that but we explained that outside of her three scheduled days away each month there would not be time for doing his laundry.  Leoni is already started in the morning literacy class.  We walked over there together yesterday to get her started right away. The rest of the girls are all reading, Leoni will join them soon. I was encouraged to see the other girls helping her with her homework.  Leoni is not due to deliver until June.  By the time her baby is born she will be empowered and more confident because of her ability to read and write. We're all just beginning to get to know each other but we expect to see her blossom as well. 

Antoinette  has been living at the Harbor House (which was previously the hospital) since she came to us post earthquake to recover after losing her leg and having Aiden via c-section on the Comfort Ship.  She was able to get her prosthetic leg in the spring and has been a blessing and an inspiration to many people. There are not many people quite as cheery and joyful as this beautiful woman.

On Friday of this week Antoinette will be moving with Aiden and her other young children to live in the new homes built for her outside of Port au Prince.  We sense her trepidation and we're praying that this will be positive for her.   All of the Heartline staff and vounteers have come to love this family and we'll remain in contact with them.  Please pray for them Friday and in the coming weeks.  This move is no small thing.  They lost their home (and a leg) in the earthquake. They have been living at/with Heartline and have been well protected for a year. They are now transitioning back into their own place in the real world.  While I know they don't fit the Harbor House plan/program/criteria, and they have had ample time to heal, it hurts to see them go. These are huge changes for everyone.  Please pray they blossom and thrive in their new location/home.

Djenie & Kenny (right) with Agathe & Anna (left)
Today we will celebrate at Harbor House with Djenie (16) and Kenny as he turns one.  Tonight I'll try to dig out the post(s) written about Djenie and Kenny last year.

Theirs is a story that screams of God's goodness and creative provision and I want to share it with you.

Troy was tasked by Djenie to  photograph Kenny's party today.  We're having cake at 10:30 in the morning because that is what Djenie wanted. She spent yesterday washing her favorite dress and getting Kenny's wardrobe in order for today.

Happy Birthday to one of God's beloved children - Happy Birthday Kenny!

(Thanks for use of photos: Beth McHoul and Jonna Howard)