Monday, February 21, 2011


Lydia is totally plugged into the Heartline Ministries Women's Program.

When we dropped Jen off the other day she said, "You goin to da Ma - ttor -ney house Jen?"

On Saturday she picked up a doll, shoved it in her shirt, grabbed a fetal heart doppler and tried to turn it on and listen to her doll's heartbeat.

Whenever Lydia decides to be pregnant, Phoebe gets pregnant too.  Here they are this afternoon ... slightly disturbing yet strangely cute.

Leoni is finally doing better.  She had a terrible case of Malaria.  We're really hoping that the others in the Harbor House remain Malaria-free.

Troy arrived back into Port au Prince this afternoon and all is well here. We love the man.

Bon nwit !